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  • Biomedical News

    Biomaterial to Restore Damaged Tissue

    Scientist at Kiel University receive EU funding to develop new implants During a heart attack muscle tissue can be damaged or can even die when cells are not provided with enough oxygen. A research team from Kiel University (CAU) has developed a biomaterial to regenerate and restore harmed tissue and lead to faster treatment. The scientists made use of the…

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  • Cancer Biology
    Liver Tumours

    ‘Mini Liver Tumours’ Created in a Dish For the First Time

    Scientists have created mini biological models of human primary liver cancers, known as organoids, in the lab for the first time. In a paper published in Nature Medicine, the tiny laboratory models of tumours were used to identify a new drug that could potentially treat certain types of liver cancer. Primary liver cancer is the second most lethal cancer worldwide. To better understand…

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  • Developmental Biology

    Vertebrate Teeth and Ancient Fish Scales Share Same Embryonic Origin

    Latest findings suggest the theory that teeth in the animal kingdom have evolved from the jagged scales of ancient fish. This ancient dermal skeleton has undergone considerable reductions and modifications through time In biology, one long-running debate on teeth: whether ancient fish scales moved into the mouth with the origin of jaws, or if the tooth had its own evolutionary…

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  • Biomedical News

    MeTro- The Wonder Surgical Glue

    The newly formulated gel known as MeTro is an elastic hydrogel based sealant, made with modified recombination protein methacroloyl substituted tropoelastin In the past surgical sealants are something that have been used either with sutures and staples or on their own to seal ruptured tissues. Obviously you don’t expect them to work like your average glue, but it does exactly…

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