Plant Science

  • 'Conductor' gene

    ‘Conductor’ gene found in plant root stem cell ‘orchestra’

    researchers at North Carolina State University lift the veil on the "conductor gene" plant root stem cell gene that helps orchestrate and coordinate stem cell division

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  • leaves

    Scientists identify genes that first enabled plants to grow leaves

    The genes that first enabled plants to grow leaves and conquer the land have been identified by University of Bristol researchers.

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  • Photosynthesis

    Discovery of New Type of Photosynthesis

    A new research led by the researchers of University of Imperial College London has the potential to change the universal vision about the photosynthesis and brings the need to rewrite the textbooks. Photosynthesis is the process to produce the energy and other biochemical with the help of chlorophyll, carbon dioxide, water, and visible light. A new study discovered a new…

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  • Mosses

    Eating Mosses Make Gut Healthy because of This New Polysaccharide

    A team of researchers including from the University of Adelaide has discovered a new polysaccharide present in mosses which is similar to beta-glucan and can be subjugated for health or other uses. Polysaccharides are a complex carbohydrate made up of sugar molecules. They found that this new complex carbohydrate is very similar to beta-glucan which is gut-friendly, health-promoting and is also found…

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