• Gene

    Scientist Discovered New Gene Affecting Immune Response

    A new study led by the team of researchers from Australia’s national science agency CSIRO have found a new gene which controls the immune response of the body against infection and diseases. During their study, researchers found that there is a gene called C6 which regulates the production of proteins which leads to infectious disease, cancer, and diabetes. This gene…

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  • wilson"s disease

    Improved Approach Towards Wilson’s Disease Drug

    A latest study done by researcher of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with the collaboration of DepYmed Inc., a CSHL spinout company reported that they have performed the propitious preclinical trials on a component which can be used to treat Wilson’s disease and other types of disorders in which level of copper increased in the body, like some types of cancer.…

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  • Sex Determination

    Junk DNA Controlling Sex determination

    A new study done by a collaborative team from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Francis Crick Institute in London, led to more and in-depth understanding of sex determination process by identifying the enhancer regulating sex determination process. Furthermore, this finding also led to the understanding of differences in sex development (DSDs) condition in which lead to male-to-female sex…

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  • crispr

    Researchers Developed A New Mutation Prevention System

    DNA is a long thread-like chain of nucleotides carrying the genetic instructions in the unique genetic code and mere change or even point mutations can lead to life-threatening diseases. These point mutations can transform single cell in the human body into a cancerous tumor or they can turn antibiotic-sensitive into antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause untreatable infections. In an ideal world,…

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  • malaria

    How Genetic Mutation Can Help In Preventing Malaria

    A new study done by scientists at the Scripps Research Institute suggests that a genetic mutation which protects people from malaria and was assumed to be rare is unexpectedly common. This new study also led to the finding that humans who live in close quarters with malaria-carrying mosquitos may evolve defenses against the disease. It has been demonstrated during the study that…

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  • brain

    A New Finding of Genes Causing Brain Deterioration With Aging

    A new study done by the team of researchers at Babraham Institute, Cambridge and Sapienza University, Rome identified the group of 250 genes and genetic switches which are involved in brain deterioration with aging.

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  • DNA replication

    Diabetes Gene Identified That Causes Low & High Blood Sugar Levels

    In a study done at the Queen Mary University of London, University of Exeter and Vanderbilt University found a new gene which can be thought to be controlling the hormone i.e insulin in diabetes.

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  • Gene

    Discovery of Newly Identified Gene Linked to Obesity

    A new study published in journal nature genetics led to the discovery of newly identified gene which is linked to obesity Obesity is the condition in which excess fat gets deposited in the body to a level that it may have a harmful effect on the body. In this condition metabolism of the body became slow,  although excess food intake…

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