• drug-tolerant bacteria

    New Method To Fight Drug Tolerant Bacteria

    In a leading research conducted at the Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), the scientists have identified new means of fighting drug-tolerant bacteria, which has become a growing global threat. It is considered as dangerous as the drug-resistant microbes. Till date, there is not much information available about the mechanisms that lead to tolerance. Tolerance is a strategy…

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  • bacteria

    Bacteria gifting their colleagues with the defences against antibiotics

    Bacteria has found many ways to tackle the antibiotics during the course of time and the most common example is antibiotic resistance. What’s New A recent study found a new method using which a particular type of bacteria are helping their friends ( which means other bacteria) to develop resistance to antibiotics.  It’s like bacteria sharing notes among them. Bacteria…

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  • Gut bacteria

    How A Single Genetic Change in Gut Bacteria Can Affect our Metabolism

    Gut flora or gut bacteria is the community of organism which lives in our digestive system. These microbes have incredible potential to affect our physiology, both in health and in diseases like the development of obesity and metabolic diseases such as diabetes. A new study showed changes in metabolism and reduction in weight gain in mice on deleting a single…

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  • Antibiotic resistance

    Melting Bacteria to Break Down Antibiotic Resistance

    Antibiotic Resistance is the reason due to which bacteria are spreading worldwide without any control which lead to a strong need for creating new technologies which can help to study bacteria. A new research done by EMBL researchers studied the melting protein behavior in the bacteria using existing techniques which is thermal proteome profiling. Thermal protein profiling (TPP) is used to compare…

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  • bacterial strain

    Bacteria Killing Their Competitors by Following ‘Divide and Conquer’

    In a new study led by the research group from Imperial College London, researchers have experimented to see the result of bacteria provoking their competitors. Some bacterial strain releases a toxin agent which evoke other bacteria in their surroundings to attack. Scientist hopes that this tactic can be used against the infectious disease. The conflict for the food resources between…

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  • virus

    Cells Trapping Viruses in Their Protein Cage

    A recent report by the researcher of The Francis Crick Institute in London unearth that proliferation of the virus from cell to cell can be stopped by trapping the viruses in a protein cage by the cell. Journal of cell biology has published the article recently which unveils that the additional protein of vaccinia virus can escape the trap by…

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  • Bacteriophage

    Study Found Bacteriophage as a Promising Alternative to Antibiotics

    Antibiotic resistance has become a major problem worldwide due to overuse and overdose of antibiotics. Resistant microbes are more difficult to treat, and requires substitute medications or higher doses of antimicrobials. A new clinical study done by the researchers suggests that bacteriophages are tolerable and safe to eliminate disease-causing bacteria in the gut. This new treatment is an alternative to antibiotic…

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  • bateriophage

    Virus Gene Helping Bacteria to Survive in Absence of Essential Gene

    A new research led by the team of researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden have found that the bacteriophage which is a virus and infects bacteria also helps bacteria to develop new function by revealing the undiscovered potential of their bacterial host. This new discovery also has solved the mystery of evolutionary biology i.e. how new function arises which means how…

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  • toothpaste

    Do you know your Toothpaste can Fight Severe Lung Disease?

    Yes, it is true!! A new study done by the researchers of Michigan University have found that a substance called triclosan which is present in toothpaste can fight disease like cystic fibrosis when this substance is combined with already approved FDA drug. Triclosan inhibits the growth of bacteria which when combined with tobramycin, an antibiotic leads to the destruction of…

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  • drug tolerant bacteria

    Pseudomonas Communicate in Groups to Escape from Antibiotics

    A new study led by the team of scientists from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has found a new defense mechanism used by the bacterium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa to communicate in groups to avoid antibiotics. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a pathogen causing diseases like pneumonia, sepsis and other infections. On an encounter with antibiotics, pathogen produces a…

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