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  • Virus

    Kissing Disease Causing Virus Associated with Seven other Diseases

    A new study led by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center revealed that EBV virus which causes kissing disease also known as Mononucleosis can also develop seven other major diseases in some people.

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  • HIV

    New Approach To Stop HIV Transmission Using Vaginal Implant Tool

    HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus which attacks the body’s immune system and destroys certain T cells called CD4+ which is one of the important immune cells of the body. In a University of Waterloo, scientists have developed a new tool which is a vaginal implant to protect women from HIV infection. Unlike other methods of HIV prevention like anti-HIV…

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  • pregnancy

    Painkiller Intake During Pregnancy May Make Babies Infertile In Future

    A new study led by the scientist of the University of Edinburgh suggests that during pregnancy taking painkillers could have a negative effect on the fertility of future generation by leaving marks on DNA. The research also supports the previous fact that during pregnancy certain medicine like paracetamol should be avoided as it can show adverse effect during pregnancy. According…

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  • heart failure

    Blocking A Matrix Forming Protein to Avoid Heart Failure

    A new study done by researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute reported that blocking a protein which forms matrix might prevent heart failure.  In their research, scientist applied experimental molecular therapy to block protein which forms a matrix in the heart cells damaged by heart attacks.

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  • Cancer

    Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Combined Together to Fight Bladder Cancer

    In a new study published in European Urology, scientists reported that chemotherapy and immunotherapy can be given simultaneously for metastatic bladder cancer patients and this combined therapy is very safe. They also found that in patients whose tumors having certain genetic mutation can more efficiently respond to this combined approach. In the previous studies, the scientist cannot determine whether these…

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  • Biomaterial

    Biomaterial to Restore Damaged Tissue

    Scientist at Kiel University receive EU funding to develop new implants During a heart attack muscle tissue can be damaged or can even die when cells are not provided with enough oxygen. A research team from Kiel University (CAU) has developed a biomaterial to regenerate and restore harmed tissue and lead to faster treatment. The scientists made use of the…

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  • MeTro

    MeTro- The Wonder Surgical Glue

    The newly formulated gel known as MeTro is an elastic hydrogel based sealant, made with modified recombination protein methacroloyl substituted tropoelastin In the past surgical sealants are something that have been used either with sutures and staples or on their own to seal ruptured tissues. Obviously you don’t expect them to work like your average glue, but it does exactly…

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